Saturday, March 1, 2008

William Shakespeare's Accomplishments

William Shakespeare had many accomplishments.From 1594 to 1608, he worked for the London Theater World.In this theater,they played some of his plays like Hamlet,Romeo and Juliette,and Richard The Third.All of those plays were only Tragedies.They also played one that was comedy, it was named The Midsummer Night's Dream.When it was 1609,he made and published 154 sonnet's,126 sonnet's were concentrated by a young noble man.Another 26 were concentrated by a woman.After his death on April 23,1616,his folio was published by his friend's.This folio was included by his 154 sonnet's,37 plays and 2 long poem's.What William Shakespeare also did is invented and changed words.He made up spelling and a lyrical language.The vocabulary that he invented is still being used.