Friday, February 29, 2008

William Shakespeare's childhood and adulthood life

William Shakespeare was born on April 23,1564.He was the third child born of John Shakespeare and Mary Arden.His father was a Glover and leather merchant.Her mother was a local heiress.When he was little,he was attended to a free grammar school in Stratford.His knowledge in school was Latin and Classic Greek.When he married Anne Hathaway,he was only 18 years old!And Anne was 26 years old and was also pregnant.Then they had Susanna first in May 26,1583.Then later,they had a pair of twins called Judith and Hamnet Shakespeare on February 2,1585.Sadly,Hamnet died at age 11 on August 11 1596.

In 1588 he arrived in London.Then began being a actor,a leading poet,and a playwright.Shakespeare garnered envy early on for his talent, as related by the critical attack of Robert Greene, a London playwright, in 1592.In 1607,her daughter Susanna married Dr. John Hall.With all of his success in his career,he had purchased New House and retired in comfort in 1611.


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