Friday, February 29, 2008

William Shakespeare's Timeline

1564-William Shakespeare is born on April 23 on Stratford-On-Avon

1582-He married Anne Hathaway on November [27 or 28]

1583-They had their first child named Susanna Shakespeare on May 26

1585-They later had twins named Judith and Hamnet Shakespeare on February 2

1592-When he left Stratford for London,they recognized him as a actor,a leading poet, and playwright.He was a member of "The Chamberlain's Men".

1596-Her daughter Hamnet Shakespeare dies at age 11.She died in August 11.He later became a "gentlemen" when the College of Heralds grants his father a coat of arms

1597-He later buys a large house called "The Great House of New Place""

1599-The Globe Theater was built into pieces of "The Theater" in July

1603-"The Chamberlain's Men" later became "The King's Men" on May 19

1607-His daughter Susanna gets married to Dr. John Hall

1613-In "The Globe Theater" they performed of Henry VII.But then a cannon fired and burned the roof.It was still rebuilt, but he later retires.

1616-His daughter Judith gets married

1616-On April 23, in Stratford, on his birthday he dies.He died when he was 52.

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